25 June, 2021

The Freshman Credo

How to be wise and stay new: words for a hall full of MBA initiates

The Freshman Credo

At the outset, let me congratulate you on your achievement in getting into business school and wish you the very best for the course. Yours is indeed a fortunate generation. This is the time to be young in India. The country has made remarkable progress in the last 60 years and is today viewed as a land of opportunity. It is among the world’s fastest-growing economies, a nation powered by the young where 69 per cent of the population is less than 35 years of age. Our services sector has established a new paradigm and brought to the fore the knowledge capital and entrepreneurial ability of Indians. The development of a knowledge-centric and people-centric economy not only generates direct employment, but also has a multiplier effect on various sectors of our economy.

While the services sector...

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