17 May, 2021

The Frenzy Mongers

Why does the Indian media always overreact over Pakistan?

Illustration by Sorit
The Frenzy Mongers

Ajmal Kasab was hanged in November last year, and Afzal Guru in February this year. Identifying Kasab as a Pakistani national, India offered his remains to Pakistan. Kasab’s family might have been inclined to accept them for funerary rites. But Pakistan turned down what was definitely a civilised gesture on part of India. In dealing with Guru’s family, however, India hasn’t behaved in as civilised a manner as it did after Kasab’s execution. His family members wanted to have the body,  but it turns out they didn’t get to hear of his execution before it was over. He was buried right in Tihar jail, where he had been hanged. Have you wondered what the reasons might be?

Incidentally, although both the hangings were related to Pakistan in one way or the other, they did not attract much attention in Pakistan, whether at the government or at the public level. (Even the attack on Sanaullah, a Pakistani prisoner in a Jammu jail, did not attract much notice, although the Foreign Office, of course, was forced to comment on it.) Newspapers only...

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