17 January, 2021

The Frankenwein Flavour

It's business first and pleasure later in Franconia, home to some of Germany's big business houses

The Frankenwein Flavour

IT'S an area I travel to four, maybe five times a year, visiting a TNC partner who is located there. Situated due south of Nuremberg (known for the trials following World War II), the region is a virtual glossary of some of Germany's large international business houses: Siemens, Staedtler, INA, Sylvania, Weiler, Adidas, Puma. All have their corporate headquarters here and may have large factories that adjoin.

A veritable hub of industry and commerce, with milling crowds, hustle and bustle, clank and noise, soot and grime. And with the denizens of the area you would expect an ever-present underlay of the palpable tension that accompanies big business, the slightly-hounded look that is a result of the precarious, gut-wrenching games of the corporate rat race.

Yet as you drive out of the airport at Nuremberg and hit the autobahn, these expectations are, rather happily, belied Wheat fields of amber and golden brown shimmer and sway as a soft breeze wafts over them. Deep, dark forests of pine, edged by green meadows...



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