15 June, 2021

The Flint In The Mosaic

Even in the malleable worldview of the UPA, one man causes unease

AFP (From Outlook, August 02, 2010)
The Flint In The Mosaic

Where The Buck Stops

  • Bright, cogent and articulate, thinks in paragraphs; made for TV
  • Immaculate in his understanding of issues; meticulous in his ministerial demeanour; brisk despite his 65 years
  • Proactive approach, unlike predecessor Shivraj Patil, that has seen near-zero terror strikes since 26/11
  • Appeals to urban, English middle-class audiences who want "action"
  • Handles complex issues like relief package for Bhopal victims with ease


And Where It Doesn’t

  • Seen by colleagues, compatriots as intellectually superior but arrogant, with an eye on the main chance
  • Congress tongues wag at his political detour to Tamil Maanila Congress and the support he elicits from BJP
  • "My way or the highway" attitude on issues like Naxalism and Chinese security fears etc sparks rows with ministerial colleagues
  • Cultivates sections of Delhi media to get...
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