03 December, 2020

The Flame-Throwers

Is Bush the new Saddam? Has the US completely lost the plot in West Asia?

Sandeep Adhwaryu
The Flame-Throwers
On September 9, almost three years after 9/11, George W. Bush was claiming that everything he had done in Iraq was right and, given the need, he would do it all over again. The war on 'terror' was being won; the world had become a safer place; three quarters of the senior cadres of Al Qaeda who were at large three years ago were now either dead or behind bars. Iraq had been liberated from the clutches of a monster, and its people were well on the way to democracy. America, he said, was at war, and America was winning. What should we make of this incredible string of brazen assertions? Are they the desperate claims of a beleaguered president who feels the ground slipping from under his feet? Or does Bush really believe what he is saying? Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more evident that Bush has so completely lost touch with reality that he actually believes what he is saying. And that makes one fear for the future of the world.

For the incontrovertible, damning truth is the exact opposite. The war on terror is not being won. It is being lost. And the longer the US...


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