08 March, 2021

The Flag Is Chequered

India hosts its F1 race. But is it sport or business that takes the pole position?

AFP (From Outlook, November 07, 2011)
The Flag Is Chequered

Is F1 Really Sport?

  • In sport, athleticism, skill and tactics determine the victor
  • While F1 drivers are extremely fit and skilful, it’s the R&D behind the car that’s of chief importance
  • Other sports use machines too, but the same technology is made available to every participant
  • And F1 is more of a marketing game; auto manufacturers are sucked in to promote their cars


Lady Gaga in Noida! And Nicole Scherzinger and Jessica Michibata too! The first Indian Grand Prix Formula One race in the weekend—a private enterprise guaranteed to erase memories of the fiasco that the state-run Commonwealth Games was—got a media build-up more enthusiastic than even last year’s hockey World Cup. For, was not this the event that would wash away our shame? And help transform India into the sporting hub of South Asia?

For those not up to speed yet, Nicole Scherzinger, of Pussycat Dolls fame, is...

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