20 September, 2020

The First Cardinal Sin

The Congress is frittering away the opportunity the people's mandate gave it

Sandeep Adhwaryu
The First Cardinal Sin
When the voters threw out the National Democratic Alliance, they were not voting against A.B. Vajpayee, or for Sonia Gandhi. They were voting against the miserable condition of their lives, the lack of employment and the increasingly extortionate nature of their governments. But precisely because every election is a protest, every government has the opportunity to make a new beginning—to offer the people a new vision of the future and give them hope.

The Congress has this opportunity but is throwing it away. For, far from chalking out a new future for India, it has, through its own actions, put itself on the defensive in Parliament and before the people. Two of the issues are already at the forefront of public attention: the third is waiting in the wings to ambush the government at the appropriate moment.

The first is the induction of as many as six ministers in the council of ministers and the cabinet who face charges ranging from kidnapping, dacoity and attempted murder to embezzlement and fraud. The second is the access being given to Sonia Gandhi to official...


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