31 October, 2020

The Firm's Follies

Consultants McKinsey's prescriptions, many times, leave the patient crippled

The Firm's Follies
"What firm is better qualified than McKinsey to bring together for our clients... in a number of countries the best relevant management practices of all countries? And what firm is better qualified to innovate by combining the management practices of several countries into new and more effective practices?"
—Marvin Bower, co-founder, McKinsey

This is "The Firm", as it is referred to reverentially. The 78-year-old management consultancy that works for three of the world's five largest companies and two-thirds of the Fortune 1000. This is the Firm that the Left loves to hate, and whose presence in the Planning Commission's consultative groups it has been clamouring against, leading to the threatened walkout of five leftist economists on the consultative groups. It's another matter that this is also the expertise that the Left Front government in West Bengal has relied on repeatedly to give it direction (see box), but then, why should we expect less inconsistency from the Left than from other Indian political parties?

But what is McKinsey's expertise? What is...


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