25 February, 2021

"The Film Is About Love And Eroticism"

Mira Nair speaks to Outlook about her film Kamasutra. Excerpts:

"The Film Is About Love And Eroticism"

What is Kamsutra about?

It's about a time when sex was part of the banal in India. When Eros was part of the ethos. To me the hollow of a tree anointed with vermilion, adorned with flowers is as erotic as a woman's naked body.The film's about a time when this everyday sensuousness was all-pervasive.

How would you describe your film?

As an opulent Salaam Bombay. It's as real. Parts of it are so Guru Dutt in inspiration. The scene where Indira (who plays Maya), dressed in a white saree with a red border wipes off her bindi after the execution of her lover, and walks off from the jostling crowds into the distance, is for me a very Kagaz ke Phool image.

Why call it Kamasutra? It's a love story, isn't it?

With a difference. It's about love and eroticism that's in the spirit of poets of the sensual like Bihari and Jayadeva. When Kama was a way of life. Not the pop sex game it's depicted as in masala movies today. The Kamasutra , a treatise on love, is...

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