28 February, 2021

The Feminine In The Sangh

RSS women face the same negation in discourse that all women meet at workplaces

Photograph by AP
The Feminine In The Sangh

Some years ago, Sridhar Damle, co-author of The Brotherhood in Saffron, took me to an RSS meeting. It was unscheduled and any misgivings we had about intruding had to be managed with deft timing. Since the Sangh works like clockwork, we planned to reach the venue a little after six; by then the meeting or “baithak” would have concluded. “We will be in time for the snacks!” the sprightly Damle said. It is important to note that partaking of meals is an essential aspect of Sangh bonding. Pracharaks travel extensively and have their meals at the homes of others. One of the first things you notice about the RSS, when interacting with pracharaks, is that monastic traditions resonate even in the most familiar tasks.

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