29 July, 2021

The Expert Advantage

Mutual funds offer an alternative way to invest, both to the uninitiated and the savvy investor

illustration by Jayachandran
The Expert Advantage
Two questions: Does your bank balance add up to several times your recurring monthly expenditure? Is it because you are intimidated and put off by the prospect of spending precious time and brain space thinking about arcane stuff like fundamental analysis, interest rates and yields? If you answered ‘yes’ and said that you couldn’t care more, congratulations, you’re doing fine on the fretting scale, but are doing terribly in trying to make your savings go the distance.

You might reiterate that you don’t really care and are, well, comfortable with the paltry 3.5 per cent your money earns in the savings account. But think about it: what if you could earn a multiple of that without turning into a control freak or going through the pains of acquiring a tome of investing wisdom? That’s exactly what mutual funds are there for. These money managers invest your money for you in the plethora of instruments that dot the investment space—for a small fee, of course.

The future is here. Make no mistake, mutual funds are the investment vehicle of the future for...

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