01 March, 2021

The Encoded Wedding Gift

A traditional Tamil wedding custom—always a matter of prestige and, hence, messy—is going digital. A new couple shows a clean way to handle Moi, complete with QR codes.

The Encoded Wedding Gift

An integral part of most Tamil ­weddings is “Moi”—the cash gift or something in kind given to a couple. And the donor’s name and the amount are entered on a ledger and entries are ­announced over the tannoy. How much “Moi” one gives is something the donor-­relative proudly wears on his sleeve in the hope it gets reciprocated when he hosts a similar function. A wrong ledger entry can result in disputes, sometimes fisticuffs. The bookkeeper handling the cash—usually a relative—remains under pressure. But digital technology has ensured that no cash changes hands and the money gets ­credited directly to the couple’s account.

When Sivasankari and Saravanan got married in Madurai on January 17, their ‘Moi’ was collected through digital payments—PhonePe and G-Pay. Not only did the couple print the QR codes on their wedding ­invitation, they also displayed the barcodes prominently on a table used for “Moi’ ­collection. They got to know instantly how much money a relative has...

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