16 January, 2021

The Emperor Is Naked

The pretext of democracy that the US has used to occupy Iraq hits it real hard

Sandeep Adhwaru
The Emperor Is Naked
Does anyone remember George Bush's plans for Iraq before he invaded that country? Iraq was to be turned into a model democracy. Bush extolled its strong secular tradition and its large reservoir of technologically trained manpower. Iraqi democracy, he claimed, would serve as a beacon for the rest of West Asia and roll back feudal, autocratic regimes throughout the Islamic world. West Asia would emerge as a new zone of peace and would cease to be a haven for Islamist terrorists. In one stroke of the military pen, therefore, Bush would win the 'war on terror' and make the world safe once again.

Less than 10 months after the invasion, this vision lies not merely in tatters but exposed as the delusional dream of a president with a tenuous grip on reality. For, with the inexorability of Greek drama, the political and the military situation in Iraq has spiralled almost completely out of control.

Take the military situation first. When Saddam Hussein's sons were killed, the US military command announced this would sharply reduce the attacks on its forces in Iraq. Instead, the...


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