06 May, 2021

The Electronic Bilk

Convergence can bring you convenience and superlative risks

The Electronic Bilk
Chinks In The Chip

How crucial data -- for banking, e-commerce etc -- can be tapped and misused


  • Require personal data -- e-commerce, banking, crucial data, biometric data -- for authentication which can be accessed through the Net with specific tools.
  • Users submit credit card password/PIN, biometric data on the Net which can be traced

Wi-fi networks

  • Most Wi-fi links -- transmitting e-commerce, banking, crucial data -- are unsecured, can be easily hacked.
  • Have been misused by terrorists to send emails


  • Banks use secure authentication process to ensure security of customer data.
  • Companies/shops depend on secure payment gateways of banks to protect customers

Mobile phones

  • M-banking, commerce and Internet putting user data in one device.
  • In case of handset loss, crucial data can be available to anyone


  • Can identify users through IP...

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