23 October, 2020

The Doomsday Book

The real story of aids in India and why you should care

The Doomsday Book
Siddharth Dube in Sex, Lies and aids promises us 'a romp through sex in today's India, a serious journey towards understanding aids and a Kama Sutra for the age of aids'. He keeps some of his promises.

In this simply written and short book, the mechanics of HIV transmission and prevention, the stages of infection and illness, and the progression to aids are clearly explained. Dube, author of the highly acclaimed Words Like Freedom, draws a clear map of the HIV/AIDS scenario in India, presents comparisons with and conclusions from data in India and across the world, and examines the reasons for the spread of the epidemic in India. There are statistics on the growth of the epidemic in India over the last 14 years. Thankfully, mind-boggling figures are presented in a non-boggling way; readers will not have to painstakingly track numerals that crawl along sentences.

Drawing lessons from Africa and without degenerating into a jeremiad, Dube, in chillingly simple terms, portrays the horrors that will befall us if we don't act soon. That is the main message...



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