21 September, 2020

The Discovery Of India

Waterloo is an Indian market. And to crack it, one needs to cater to its numerous quirks—as a host of MNCs have found to their chagrin

The Discovery Of India
WHAT'S Up, Tiger Lily? is perhaps Woody Allen's least known—and movie history's most astounding—film. Allen, then just starting off as a director, took a random Japanese film and imposed his own story on it. That is, the film was visually frame-by-frame the Japanese movie, but the dialogues—and the story they told—were Allen's creation, with no relationship with the original Japanese story, which Allen anyway never bothered to figure out.

WUTL? is thus, at a certain level, all about interpretation, about cultural differences, about stimuli and about the different—and often unpredictable—responses they can garner. It's a film that a lot of multinational marketers could do well to watch every morning while negotiating the treadmill and every evening while sipping their low-cal beer: all those MNC executives who came, saw but haven't quite managed to conquer. Years have passed, CEOs replaced, hordes sacked, crores spent on market research and advertising, products modified, discounts offered, prices rationalised, promotional schemes...



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