11 May, 2021

The Dim Flicker Of A Night Light

India’s overnight ascension, characterised and caricaturised as having manifested despite its state rather than due to it, is unsustainable. Here’s a photosynthetic model for growth.

Tribhuvan Tiwari
The Dim Flicker Of A Night Light

Two Indians sit down to sip their cups of chai, they quickly agree that their country seems to be rising despite the state, and cynically express the idea of private success and public failure as: “India growing at night while the government sleeps”. But how could a nation become the world’s second fastest growing economy despite a weak, flailing state? And should not India also grow during the day? The recent slowdown is a sign that India may have begun to experience the limits of growing at night. Pondering over these burning questions, Gurcharan Das penned a new book, India Grows at Night. In this exclusive essay for Outlook, he makes a liberal case for a strong state.

The economic rise of India has been the defining event of my life. It is not only good news for its 1.2 billion people, but is also an instrument for good in the world. At a time when the western economies and their way of doing business is under a cloud, a large nation is rising in the East based on political and economic liberty, proving once again...

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