08 March, 2021

The Devil Betwixt Bat & Pad

As India’s Test players drown in money and misery, drastic changes can help them win back pride

The Devil Betwixt Bat & Pad

Indian cricket has hit a trough; the men of steel are in steep, embarrassing decline, the boys who come in their wake are callow yet. Fans are lamenting and switching off their TVs. Just over two years after becoming the No. 1 Test team, the dream has soured. India have now lost seven Tests in a row away from home, in England and Australia. It stings like a scorpion bite—is it death?

Perhaps we’d still not be too bad at home—wolves if not lions. As England slumped to 192 in their first innings against Pakistan in Dubai, it comforted some in India. Isn’t every Test team fallible away from home? But while India has lost abroad before, the difference is that even in the worst of times, India didn’t seem like the “minnow” it does now. So here are ten ways in which India can revive Test cricket and improve its performance abroad.

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