05 December, 2020

The Dandi Diaspora

Cause and effect. Indian expertise in civil society problems gives them a global edge.

The Dandi Diaspora
Why Desis Lead In Civil Society Groups
  • Indians have a better, first-hand experience of poverty. And also richer experience in combating it.
  • Excellent at mobilising masses, in contrast to those in the west who are good only at lobbying.
  • Indians groomed in the Gandhian tradition of working for the forgotten people and organising citizens for peaceful protests.
  • India provides a democratic space for experimentation, in an environment not suppressive of innovative ideas. It helps produce well-trained leaders.


Of all those acronyms that crowd the communication space, there could hardly be another that sounds as dully inconsequential as 'NGO'. The yawn it inspires stretches right across 'civil society', defined as all those who organise themselves to pursue collective benefit. The persisting image of the 'civil society types' is badly dressed people who haven't showered for weeks just to make a political point, who live unwanted in a village somewhere...


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