08 May, 2021

The Cub Comes To Play

YSR’s son Jaganmohan has proved a canny operator so far. Will it get him the mantle?

Tribhuvan Tiwari
The Cub Comes To Play

Jaganmohan’s Camp

K.V.P. Ramachandra Rao

  • “Whatever we are doing, we are doing to save the state.”
  • “The Congress will split in Andhra if Jagan is not made CM. Nothing short of Jagan is acceptable to us.”
  • “He was YSR’s eyes and ears, therefore is most suited to carry on his legacy.”

Rival Camp

  • “Why are Jagan’s followers comparing him to Rajiv Gandhi?”
  • “He just won his first elections. He is inexperienced, needs to cut his teeth in politics before thinking of becoming CM.”
  • “Why is he silent when effigies of senior Congress leaders are being burnt?”


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