20 June, 2021

The Creche Has No Cots

Have the new adoption guidelines complicated matters further?

Sandipaan Chatterjee
The Creche Has No Cots

Adoption By Law

99 per cent of adoptions in India aresaid to be done informally and illegally. Officially...

  • 3,853 Children in recognised adoption agencies
  • 1,565 Children certified for adoption
  • 2,131 Parents waiting for inspection or home study
  • 5,064 Parents who have uploaded all documents
  • 9,093 Parents waiting to adopt a child

Source: Central Adoption Resource Authority


American couple Ira (42) and Michelle (39) Johnson have been waiting to adopt an Indian child for over six-and-a-half years. After four years of waiting and changes in rules, they were finally matched up with Meera, who was seven then. Today, she’s nine. Not only has the couple not been able to take Meera home yet, they have helplessly watched as Meera was shifted out of the agency to the state...

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