06 August, 2021

The Cow Protector’s Justice

A brutal public beating of Dalits by gau rakshaks in Una sets off protests across Gujarat—the BJP feels the heat

A video grab of the beating up of four Dalit youths in Una town
The Cow Protector’s Justice

In The Cow’s Name

  • Widespread protests across Gujarat after four Dalit youths who were skinning a dead cow were abd­ucted and beaten up. Brought to the Una town market, they were tied to an SUV and beaten with sticks by some men believed to be cow prot­ection vigilantes.
  • As all this happened, crowds watched, and the policemen at Una police station did nothing to stop the assault. After widespread protests in Gujarat and national-level Dalit leaders taking up the issue, some suspects have been arrested and four cops have been suspended.
  • Dalits have refused to take cattle carcasses. In some places, they have dumped carcasses at government offices as a mark of protest.
  • The protests have come as another challenge to chief minister Anandiben Patel, who recently has had to deal with the Patel reservation stir, followed by a similar show of strength by a united OBC front.


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