24 July, 2021

The Coup Soup

A sacked general strikes back. Nobody is mourning in Pakistan, at least now.

The Coup Soup
There are communist states, democratic states, welfare states and terrorist states. On Tuesday last, Pakistan was reduced to a comedy state. As the theatre of the absurd unfolded that evening, this is what millions of Pakistanis were reduced to witnessing.The managing director of Pakistan International Airlines (pia), Shahid Khahqan Abbassi, his advisor Nadir Chowdhury together with Rana Maqbool, the inspector general police of Sindh, took over the control tower at Qaid-e-Azam international airport, Karachi. Their mission: to stop at all costs an incoming commercial pia flight from landing. Among the passengers were chief of army staff (coas) Gen Pervez Musharraf and his wife, returning from Sri Lanka. When commanded by Maqbool to land in some neighboring country, the pilot replied, "But the only country for which we have fuel is India." "Then land in India," was the unhelpful, if cocky, reply. The aircraft had only seven minutes' worth of fuel left.

Meanwhile, in Islamabad, ptv newscaster Shaista Zaid was witness to what could have turned out to be a bloody encounter between a...

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