18 April, 2021

The Cost Of Lost Opportunity In Kashmir

This is the first time the Indian government, not Pakistan, has repudiated the gains made by peace initiatives. Kashmiris bear the brunt.

Radha Kumar and Dilip Padgaonkar
Photograph by AP
The Cost Of Lost Opportunity In Kashmir

It is a truism familiar to peacemakers: that the solution to an ethnic conflict is drawn long before the parties are willing to accept it. In Northern Ireland, the solution was sketched 20 years before the Belfast Peace Agreement. In Bosnia, the contours of a solution—one that the international community could force upon the warring parties—were discussed even before the war broke out. In Sudan, the solution was mooted 30 years before the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.

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In Kashmir, successive Indian, Pakistani and Kashmiri governments as well as dissidents discussed possible solutions for decades. They came close to a framework agreement in 2004-06, in the backchannel of then Indian PM Manmohan Singh and then Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf. The elements...

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