26 July, 2021

The Consumer: Sop Opera

He was king, finally. He bought one, got galores free. In the feast of choices laid before him by a Globus or a Big Bazaar, he has never been more full.

Gireesh G.V
The Consumer: Sop Opera
Sanjay Rai, vice-president (sales and marketing) of the Oberoi Hotels, refuses to accept it as a knee-jerk reaction. He calls it the new marketing mantra redefining the world of consumer privilege. Sops, sops and many more sops. And like elsewhere in the world, Indian consumers of all shapes, sizes and categories are reaping value benefits like never before.

Rai says it does not matter whether this is due to the slump in the tourism market following 9/11. What matters is the bottomline and the news is that the Rs 1,200-crore Oberoi group is expecting a 30 per cent rise in reservations following newly-designed packages which guarantee the moon (additional rooms, free stay for children, food coupons, movies of choice, unlimited use of gym, sauna and so on). And timings? March 15 to September 15 and again from December 1 to May 30—virtually the entire year.

The tourism industry is not alone. Special packages are the norm of the day for everyone, from beverages and tobacco companies to white goods to transportation and communication to clothing and even healthcare. The...

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