07 May, 2021

The Company's Stock Takes A Hit

The Dubai police finally decide on a clean-up, but only after blood is spilled and with some external pressure from neighbours More Coverage

The Company's Stock Takes A Hit
The Godfather of D Company has been hit where it hurts. That too, in his own backyard or perhaps second home—Dubai. Whether the 100-odd gangsters arrested last week by the Dubai police have been released/deported to Pakistan/or asked to leave the UAE, the message sent out to D Company was clear—don't mess around on Emirates soil. What makes the police action significant is that among those picked up were Dawood's younger brothers Noora and Mushtaqeen and key aides Mohammad Dossa, Ajaz Pathan and Aftab Bhatki.

While there are no official figures on the number of detained, Dubai police sources say that those with Pakistani passports can't be kept in custody. Dawood's brother Mushtaqeen is now a Pakistani citizen while Noora, on some misplaced notion of nationalism, has refused Pakistani citizenship. That Dubai meant business became clear when associates of key Dawood aide Sharad Shetty like Pathan were also beaten up.

Such arrests were unthinkable even a year ago. Of course, the Mumbai police and Indian intelligence agencies have their own theories on why the UAE...

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