06 December, 2020

The Colours Of Fallacy

Talking ‘communal’ about FDI trivialises the secular cause

Illustration by Sorit
The Colours Of Fallacy

If one adds up the number of MPs in the Lok Sabha belonging to political parties that have a stated position against FDI in retail trade, it will certainly be bigger than the number of MPs in favour of FDI. Actually, the figure goes well past the Lok Sabha majority mark of 272. Yet the resolution opposing FDI received only 218 votes in favour; 253 MPs voted against the resolution. Had the Samajwadi Party and the BSP—which together have 43 seats in the Lok Sabha—not walked out after registering their opposition to retail FDI, the resolution would have passed. To argue that NDA constituents—such as the Akali Dal—are in favour of FDI in retail but voted against it due to “political compulsions” does not make much sense, because the same holds for UPA constituents like the DMK or most of the Congress MPs from Kerala, who voted against the resolution out of similar “compulsions”. While the fate of the number game in the Rajya Sabha is even more precariously poised, one won’t be surprised if these dubious “compulsions”...



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