25 June, 2021

The Cold Shoulder

The odds are against the BJP, bar hara-kiri by the Congress

Gireesh G.V.
The Cold Shoulder
The very first assembly elections in Uttaranchal is likely to throw up some surprises. When it was part of UP, the hill districts which now comprise the new state were seen as a BJP bastion. It voted loyally for the party during the last three elections. But this time around Uttaranchal is seeing an anti-incumbency wave which will work in favour of the Congress.

The most popular estimate is that there will be a hung assembly with the Congress emerging as the single largest party. Even the BJP ranks claiming victory admit a tough fight and say the party will be ahead only by a thin margin of seats—nowhere close to the clean sweep in the previous polls. Congressmen, though, put out an optimistic figure of 30 out of 70 assembly seats in the state and hope to form a government with support from secular parties like the SP.

Carved out of UP only 14 months ago, the very coming into being of Uttaranchal as a separate state has drastically reconfigured the political and social equations in the new state. Seventy new assembly segments were created from 23 constituencies of...

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