20 April, 2021

The Code’s Gone Red

Infosys honchos leave in droves as NRN battles to turn around company

The Code’s Gone Red


Twelve top guns have quit Infosys in roughly the last one year. Some of prominent ones:

  • Prasad Thrikutam: Global head, sales. Moved to: Unknown.
  • B.G. Srinivas: President, Infosys. Moved to: GMD, PCCW.
  • V. Balakrishnan: Director. Moved to: various ventures including politics.
  • Ashok Vemuri: Head, Infosys America. Moved to: CEO, iGate.
  • Basab Pradhan: Global sales head. Moved to: CEO, Cliqr.
  • Sudhir Chaturvedi: US sales head. Moved to: COO, NIIT.
  • Chandrasekhar Kakal: Head, India business unit. Moved to: COO, L&T.


Is the promised revival of IT bellwether Infosys coming soon? That’s the big question on everybody’s mind as India’s second largest software service firm loses top executives with unbelievable regularity. In just about a year and a half,...

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