17 January, 2021

The Clone Busters

Holograms may be a godsend in a market where fakes eat into company sales and consumers are saddled with cheap imitation

The Clone Busters

CREDIT cards, share certificates and even some high-yield variety seeds carry them as proof of authenticity. So do a host of well-known brands, traditional targets for the counterfeiter. Ray-Ban sunglasses, M'escos shoes, Quickfix adhesive, Surya Roshni tube fittings, Durobord plywood and Kores office stationery--they've all taken to wearing their bonafides on the sleeves. Identity cards issued by the Election Commission and marksheets of the Gujarat Secondary Education Board are sporting them. And driving licences in Delhi will soon have them.

To a swelling band of Indian companies plagued by counterfeits gnawing away at sales, a shiny three-dimensional sticker seems to be just the right pest antidote. Over 100 bodies (including several government departments) are sticking holograms of their logos on their products or packaging to separate the genuine article from the pretender. The aim: reach more customers, raise sales and protect product image.

The spin-off is a brand new trade. Suppliers are looking at some big numbers. "The hologram market today, including the...



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