23 October, 2020

The Changing Matrix

Affluence is no longer a sin and no one wants to be left behind.

Illustration by Sorit
The Changing Matrix

The word ‘Indian’ is too broad and too vague, so I’m talking about the middle-class Indian male. There was one kind of Indian 20 years ago, straitjacketed by his social, political and economic world. In that world, power was the way to economic comfort. For that Indian, it was merely a matter of holding on to that power, which was his by virtue of birth (read caste). He already had it.

So while he merrily sold himself for dowry, got jobs because he had usurped the education system and deprived the majority of access to its benefits, he sold a set of values that saw money as evil and we were all living a vague “Indianess”, where love and peace prevailed. Of course, it goes without saying some sold it, some bought into it and some disagreed, but only mildly. They had, between the three of them, already snuffed out the aspirations of the majority by intellectual subterfuge and brute force.

Without resorting to statistics, one can safely state that in the India of 20 years ago, there was a set of...



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