12 May, 2021

The Chamber State

The FICCI-CII rallies have replaced grassroots ones. Is politics becoming a corporate playfield?

Jitender Gupta
The Chamber State

Why Corporate Involvement In Politics Is A Problem

  • Neither Modi nor Rahul are designated leaders of the BJP and Congress, NDA or UPA. What if a different, unheard-of leader emerges from their flock or outside?
  • The projection of this man or that, this policy or that, runs counter to federal impulses in a large, multi-lingual, multi-interest country where regional parties are booming.
  • Are business and media houses merely providing the stage for differing views and personalities, or are they openly setting the political agenda in troubled times?
  • Head-to-head debates may work in homogeneous America. Soapbox oratorical tests are unsuited for heterogeneous India, which is why politicians have spurned it.
  • In a parliamentary democracy, elected MPs, not business bodies, choose the prime minister. Usurping that role to thrust candidates is an affront to the voter.
  • Sans deep questioning, all we get is a sales pitch. Bite-sized ad slogans (“India First”) and aphorisms...
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