24 November, 2020

The CEO In Crosshairs

Naidu and the BJP feels the PW's anti-electoral heat

D. Ravinder reddy
The CEO In Crosshairs
As polling looms, TDP members—from grassroots workers up to the top leadership—are nervously glancing over their shoulders. The PW has already made it clear it’s determined to prevent the TDP-BJP combine from returning to power in Andhra.

Almost 30 politicians, mostly grassroots cadre, have been killed since the start of the year. Twenty-seven belonged to the TDP alone, one to the BJP and two to the Congress. In fact, it’s been all-out war since the PW launched a daring landmine attack on Chandrababu Naidu’s motorcade in Tirupati last October. Since the attack, 46 politicians have been killed by the PW: 40 from the TDP and four from the BJP.

Naidu’s response to the attack on him was to quickly dissolve the house and call on the electorate to choose between Naxal violence and development. Most saw this more as a move to cash in on a sympathy wave following the attack. "That is not true, but as a political party, if there is sympathy, why shouldn’t we use it?" asks TDP spokesperson C. Ramchandraiah. However, with the Election Commission refusing to accept the...



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