22 October, 2020

The Call Of The Mind

A new breed of institutions is vitalising learning for the pleasure of learning

Tribhuvan Tiwari
The Call Of The Mind

Chaitanya Shareef Kulkarni, from Dharwad, was finding it difficult to get excited about graduating in architecture, the cast-iron syllabus refusing to grab his attention and imagination. So one fine day, he dropped out and began interning at a firm. Browsing online, he chanced upon the courses on offer at the newly launched Ashoka University, Sonepat, Haryana. The variety and flexibility on offer made the 20-year-old change his mind: he now hopes to graduate from Ashoka with an interdisciplinary major in computer science and entrepreneurship. But he’ll take a final call on that later. For now, he’s enjoying a taste of history and philosophy; he’ll zoom in on what to specialise in during later semesters. “In such an environment, instead of getting repelled by education, you feel like learning more and more,” he says.

The range, the exposure, the flexibility, the choices—universities like Ashoka are offering students a free run of the garden of intellectual delights, and students like Kulkarni are experiencing something of the bracing,...



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