04 August, 2021

The Buffalo's Unholy Milk

All the intellectuals of India seem afraid that a proposal for discussing the question of caste at a UN forum might make it into a global talking point...

illustration by Jayachandran
The Buffalo's Unholy Milk

What is India? The question has many answers. One definite answer that I can think of is that India is a country of castes. This has definitely made it different from all the other countries in the world. Nations have pluralities based on race, class, religion and gender. India has all of these and additionally castes that have constructed us as entirely different beings. We may see racial differences, even the life-modes are more different from caste to caste. If the many religions have brought in differences in belief, the thousands of castes have resulted in differences in taste as well. In each city and village, people live in distinctly different social clusters. Caste has formulated even our concept of beauty differently.

If we are to see Indians as modern social blocs, they live as Adivasis, Dalits, obcs and upper castes. Globalisation is driving the first three blocs into a death trap, and the latter towards a hi-tech economy. This reality takes us to other questions: Whose India is it? Who constructed India as a modern nation and who controls its...

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