19 April, 2021

The British, The Marathas And The Mahars

Soldiers of many ‘classes’ served together in the colonial army with no caste narrative in evidence before the British betrayal

Lieutenant Pattinson during the battle of Koregaon
The British, The Marathas And The Mahars

There was no Mahar Regiment in 1818. The first was formed a century later in 1917.

Bombay Native Infantry

Battle of Srirangapatna (left), Tipu Sultan

Bombay Native Infantry had Marathas, Muslims, Rajputs, Mahars, Jews and various ­other communities. Their ­major battles were the Siege of Mangalore in 1783-84 and the defeat of Tipu Sultan in the Battle of Srirangapatna in 1799.

Baji Rao II (left), Battle of Assaye

Maratha power had been ­declining since their defeat by Ahmadshah Abdali at the 3rd Battle of Panipat in 1761. The last nail was ­driven in at the Battle of Assaye in 1803, where the British Army under Arthur...

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