17 January, 2021

The Bottlenecked Gateway

You don’t add wings to your mails by going e. VSNL’s monopoly must end if time has to be ‘real’.

The Bottlenecked Gateway

Of late, I have developed hypertension. Not because of a medical disorder but because I’ve been trying to surf the web in India. My private ISP’s dial-up and handshake work out just fine but thereafter, I pull my hair out to download web pages. It takes 10 minutes to reach my mailbox, another 10 to download a message and perhaps an hour to see the picture my friend has sent from the US. Everyday my blood pressure rises because of this. I have given up.

The web is the magic word in India today. Net accounts come packaged on our neighbourhood store shelves like instant noodles-it takes only a little more than two minutes to unpack and plug into a new identity. And then the trouble begins.

Why are bad connections, painful dial-ups and slow access speed the order of the day in India, a country that’s supposed to be at the forefront of the world’s IT revolution? Because the bandwidth available here is a pathetic 325 megabits per second (MBPs).

Bandwidth is the measure of the speed of communication operations. The bandwidth of a transmitted (or...



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