27 January, 2021

The Bose Speaks

Amar G. Bose talks about his Indian upbringing and his new venture in his country of origin

The Bose Speaks

Just how Indian are you, born as you were to an interracial couple and raised entirely in the West?

My upbringing was much, much more Indian than western. My father was very involved in the Quit India movement and my mother very interested in Indian philosophy. Freedom fighters who came to the US because of political persecution would stay in our small house. So, when I went to India and talked to the students at IIT, I felt a strong, sudden rapport.

Your company has just set up a subsidiary in India. Was it the liberalisation programme that gave you the impetus to do so or your part-Indianness?

A bit of both. I first tried in the '70s. I really wanted to do something because my father repeatedly told me I must do something in India some day. I wanted to and I tried, but it just wasn't possible—in the '70s, oh boy, it was really something! Now it finally looked as if the time was right and the changes were positive, so it was a real pleasure to go back.

What do you think of the liberalisation programme? How do you think it is...



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