08 May, 2021

The Boho Talipatra

Radical, relevant and uncensored, zines have a growing niche in India

The Boho Talipatra

Be it a toenail or the deepest possibilities in this con­troversial universe, you’ll find a zine (pronounced ‘zeen’) about it. Zines are concise, aesthetic periodicals, both print and digital, that cover a variety of themes, from romance to racism, and façades to feminism, through visual and written work. Many are avant-garde vehicles of counter­culture, part of a thread that extends through generations to movements that have either been a suppressed part of society or overshadowed by the prevailing mores.

 The term ‘fanzine’ was coined nearly 80 years ago as a portmanteau of ‘fan’ and ‘magazine’ to describe fan-made sci-fi publications—later extended to other genres and phenomena—circulated among ent­husiasts through photocopies.  But zines have since evolved to become sources...

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