15 January, 2021

The Blueprint For Civility

Having divided the Opposition, Musharraf can now beef up his own politicians, says Hameed Haroon, publisher and CEO, 'The Dawn'

The Blueprint For Civility
It has taken Gen Musharraf 14 months to provide a glimpse of his exit strategy. His decision to exile Nawaz Sharif and his family to Saudi Arabia has divided the Opposition, which had lately begun talking of banding against the military regime. A divided Opposition can now enable Musharraf to create a constitutional package that would in the long run favour the army.

In other words, Gen Musharraf could beef up certain politicians who would effectively be under the army's control, making it easier for him to control the courts and the presidency. Also, the symbolism of loyalty that an incarcerated Sharif invoked, and which helped mobilise public opinion against the military regime, is mostly gone.

Sharif's exile to Saudi Arabia can also be explained to those who believe that he should have been severely punished for his corruption. The Sharif case has been handled as a corruption case where political expediency and punishment for illegal assets have gone together. The pardon, after all, was officially and legally handed down by President Rafiq Tarar. Sharif is required...


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