17 April, 2021

The Blue Film Of Sin Coating The Indian Woman

Sexual violence against women is fine, exploitation too. But the heavens will come crashing if she watches porn. And yet she does!

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The Blue Film Of Sin Coating The Indian Woman

While researching my erotic novel Sita’s Curse, which explored the rep­ressed sexual desires of Meera Patel, a 39-­­ year-old housewife living in a dingy middle-class chawl in Mumbai who finds her mojo by having steamy cyb­er­sex with a younger Muslim man, I dec­i­­ded to conduct a poll of 30 women I knew intimately, settled across the world. They were asked the same questions, ranging from whether they were addicted to porn; masturbated regularly, or were told to touch themselves to aro­use their partners; fancied BDSM, kinky threesomes or lesbian sex; if they’d pay to have sex with a gigolo; and so on. Also, most importantly, what part sex played in their lives: if married couples fantasised partner-swapping or took part in orgies; if single women purch­a­sed sex toys online or were hooked to vibrators or dildos; if they dug sex with married, older men or went on sex vacations, where the mantra was find, f***, forget.

After much prodding, the replies came in, at snail’s pace. Very few answered more than two...

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