17 April, 2021

"The BJP Can't Speak The RSS Language"

From taking help of the "tainted" to putting "contentious" issues on the backburner to grab the reins of power, the BJP has the blessings of its parent organisation, the RSS. The RSS now wants the BJP to form the government—everything else can wait.

"The BJP Can't Speak The RSS Language"
How do you justify the BJP joining hands with scam-tainted politicians like Sukh Ram and Jayalalitha?

Everyone agrees that politics should be free of criminals. But practically everyone indulges in the politics of booth-capturing. So, should only the BJP stick to principles? When in a war one must remember the Mahabharat. All Kaurav generals were killed by unjust methods. Even in the Ramayana, Ram killed Ravana by hitting him in the 'nabhi' which was prohibited in war. But if you want to defeat the enemy, you will have to adopt those methods. The only danger is that these people (the BJP) might make it a habit. They should not change their character. Today it is a compulsion because even the Congress is trying to join hands with Jayalalitha. Kuch to rajneeti ka khel khelna padega.

With allies pulling in different directions the BJP will have to put "contentious" issues like Ram Janma-bhoomi, Article 370 and the uniform civil code under wraps, despite your advice not to go soft on Hindutva?

Yes, we said the BJP should not...

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