24 July, 2021

The BHU Model

These BHU administrators sound more like some mullahs of the Muslim Personal Law Board holding on to their triple talaq. Misogyny seems to be their only sanskar.

The BHU Model

Banaras is all about Indian traditions, culture, rituals and moksha or ete­rnal peace. A bunch of young men vrooming in and out of the Banaras Hindu University on their bikes, trying to put their hands inside the kurta of women students and if possible rape them, and a vice-chancellor making obnoxious statements about victims and getting the police to beat them up are all a commentary on our new rituals. We have been beating up or killing innocent Indians for quite some time now and hence this episode of shameful brutality against young women doesn’t come as a surprise. Actually it is part of the new narrative.

As a nation we now seem to hate love and love to hate. We have always been a society that scorned upon public display of affection but would condone public display of defecation, anger or violence. So, a man groping a woman on a public bus is cheered, with others waiting to join him, whereas a woman kissing or holding hands with a man is slut-shamed and hounded. So, in that sense, Ban­aras is India and that girl, the victim of molestation, who shaved...

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