24 July, 2021

The Baker’s Dozen

13 questions for which the answers are not in our list of 52

The Baker’s Dozen
  1. Pankaj Kapur starred in a TV series called Mohandas, BA, LLB and a series called Karamchand. In Gandhi, he played Pyarelal and dubbed for Ben Kingsley in Hindi, except for Gandhi’s dying words. Who  uttered “Hey Ram” in the film?
  2. He produced the 1957 Telugu classic Maya Bazaar and the 1975 Julie. He set up Asia’s biggest studio Vijaya Vauhini, launched Andhra Jyoti newspaper and the children’s magazine Chandamama. Who?
  3. Despite Javed Akhtar’s reservations over his weak voice, Amjad Khan wrote himself into the history books by playing Gabbar Singh in Sholay. Which actor had turned down the role because he was shooting Dharmatma in Afghanistan?
  4. He was born in poverty but ended up wealthy. He was a school dropout but became a yogi. He was a star who was kidnapped by a real-life villain. What is unique about the national award Kannada matinee idol, Raj Kumar, won?
  5. She has a PhD in education...

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