12 May, 2021

The Art of Synectics

TAMIL NADU: Strength of the House: 234

The Art of Synectics
Tamil Nadu was among the first states to teach the country a thing or two about forging poll alliances (and the perils of psephology). And, to it now goes the dubious credit of illustrating the problems that plague the coming together of disparate parties on one platform. Indeed, irreconcilable contradictions, internecine conflicts and raging confusion dominate the two political formations of the ruling dmk and the aiadmk. In such a scenario, a swing of three or four percentage points can make a crucial difference.

The dmk-led alliance is a conglomerate of 12 parties (the 13th, mdmk, split with it on Friday amid acrimony over seats) and calls itself the "anti-corruption front"; the aiadmk has nine parties under its umbrella and describes itself as the "secular alliance." The problem is, neither enjoys much credibility among the masses.

For instance, in the dmk front, six seats have been allocated to the newly-floated Makkal Tamil Desam (mtd) headed by former aiadmk minister S. Kannappan, a prime accused in the "coal import cases" involving former CM J. Jayalalitha. The...

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