03 August, 2021

The Art Of Peace

Is India-China standoff a case of the world’s newest superpower ref­using to accept India’s response and the troop build-up to safeguard a small country’s sovereignty?

The Art Of Peace

For a liberal softie who loves his beef fry and a drinking Gandhian who wants global peace and also well-laid pavements, a war with China is a worrisome proposition. After the incessant sabre-rattling on the western border, we are now on an eyeball-to-eyeball standoff in the east. There is no doubt that China is creating new facts on the ground, as our columnist Manoj Joshi has brilliantly put it. By building roads and infrastructure on other people’s property, China is redrawing maps and redefining sovereignty. Once a road is done, the facts on the ground would be inalienably altered. It is a brilliant tactic, no doubt. But even a tiny nation like Bhutan wouldn’t want this tactic to go unc­h­ecked. The question is, now what?

China could be responding to the US endorsement of India’s boycott of its One Belt One Road initiative. The standoff could be a message to the US that India is not good enough to contain China. Every day the Global Times has a nasty piece on Indian weaknesses and Chinese superiority. And most of it sounds puerile. Is...

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