16 June, 2021

The Also-Rans?

The Congress has to make a real ‘effort’ to fight the election

Tribhuvan Tiwari
The Also-Rans?

“Join us as the vehicle moves ahead, don’t turn around and walk away,” a tall, bearded Youth Congress volunteer tells an unexpectedly large and restless crowd waiting for nearly an hour to catch a glimpse of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi at the first road show organised by the party in Kalkaji on January 27. That sums up all of the Congress’s apprehensions and expectations from the upcoming Delhi asse­mbly poll. In what seems like a fight for survival rather than one to win or even increase their voteshare, the Congress began its campaign well after the BJP and AAP campai­gns had gathered full steam.

Even as the Congress’s crown price des­cen­ded from his Safari to get on to an open truck for the road show, there was an unexpected cheer from the nearly 5,000 people gathered to simply catch a glimpse of him. While several complained about the nearly three dozen security personnel who kept them from getting a clear view of Rahul, a party volunteer didn’t miss the opportunity to remind them of Indira’s and...

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