16 January, 2021

The Age Of Aquarius

Follow it and you're elevated to a higher cosmic plane. Don't, and you're dead anyway.

The Age Of Aquarius

SUZY Singh, formerly the GM of Lintas, Bangalore, claims she was "celestially initiated" in Wynad, Kerala, a year ago "by a channelled message from ascended masters on the other side of the veil". Masters who told her that she had been "chosen" to help usher humanity into the New Age. With the celestial voices ringing persistently in her ear, Suzy gave up her successful corporate career in May this year and moved to Delhi to become an apostle of evolution. Having started The Cosmic Order group in the capital, she now spends her time either meditating to raise the earth's vibrations, or healing people using crystals, pendulums, pyramids, past life regression, oracles, tarot cards and a variety of alternative energies—the knowledge of which, she says, comes to her in intuitive or divine flashes.

 Suzy is not a freak case. Over the last two years, the spiritual messages of the New Age have begun to proliferate among the urban rich in India. Many of whom are waking up to their potential as prophets,...



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