08 May, 2021

The Abject Experts

Who were the biggest zits on the idiot box? A champion schmoozer and talkanova lists his 2012 Top 5 in the bores-on-the-box category.

The Abject Experts

Of late, Indian television has seen more experts than there is news to report. There are experts on subjects and then there are abject experts. There are those who are aligned to one political party and then there are those who are non-aligned to the subject being discussed. There are extremists on Indian news channels who would make the Taliban look angelic and then there are doves who would make pigeons look aggressive.

But there is a larger affliction that needs to be addressed: the one related to being able to make a point without clearing one’s throat or throwing something at the anchor. What is sadly lacking in India is the ability to hear great orators on television. We either see interrupters or the modern-day Vajpayees whose pauses say more than their words. So this is a list of people who would ordinarily bore us into surfing or switching off but inevitably they have a stranglehold on our remotes; that when these folks are on the box, even the remotes take sympathy on them. This list is personal and Outlook has indemnified me from any civil or...

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