31 October, 2020

The 2-Min Mind

Reliving those magic masala moments.

The 2-Min Mind

As the last Maggi wrapper flutters across the hillside at every tourist hotspot, we relive those magic masala moments—moments when the nation took to the noodle maniacally. Nostalgia, we know, is caused by too much lead in the soul. Maybe it’s too much Maggi in the veins.

Maggidomination, like Coca­colo­ni­sation,  is the evil that must be banis­hed. It must be outed from our tables, rucksacks, school tiffins and hospital canteens so that we can dive into our homemade attas and podis (powders) and munch on sprouts and wheatgrass. After all, we did quell the might of the multinational Cola and create our own brand of Indian colas and fizzy drinks raised in the glorious “spirit of 77”.

Does anyone remember the taste of Double Seven, the freedom drink? But every parent will remember the day their child came back from school, holding a packet of crinkly noodles. This was in the 1980s. “Mama, Maggi noodles!” they cried. And a brand was born. “We ate them like chivda, fresh from the packet,” recalls my...



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